wade bradford

November 14, 1956

Doing great, family is employed and all are healthy. Enjoying more time at ranch west of Kerrville Tx.
Grandchildren are absolutely wonderful.

Once this pandemic is over I want to Go on a 2 week vacation to just relax with no restrictions.

If I could spend the day with someone famous (alive or dead) who would it be and why? (no family or friends): My dad, Would like to spend time talking about life now that I’ve been through so much.

My favorite saying: Our restaurants motto, “It’s simple, serve others” (ISSO)
Excellence is a Habit, you have to develop it daily in all areas of your life.
Jesus, the ultimate Renewable Energy

No, I don plan to attend the 50th reunion.

Married & employed

You can e-mail me at: Gcp3c@comcast.net