roy Williamson


January 28, 1956

We’re all doing pretty good. No one has been sick with the virus.
We have 7 grandkids and they’re all doing fine too.
My wife had had one kidney removed and MD in both eyes…she lost vision in one eye and the other eye needs injections every other month to maintain some sort of eyesight. I do all of our driving.
I’m retired on 100% disability. My deficits from that head-on collision with a drunk driver in 1983 became much more evident as I got older.  Married over 46 years, in the same house for over 42 years.

Once this pandemic is over:  We’ve always been home-bodies. There’s not much we haven’t done since the pandemic that we didn’t do before.  We do like the slower pace we’ve had since then.  We’ll make more drives up to Fort Worth to see our son and his family.  Maybe another driving vacation to see things.

If I could have one do over I would Chosen a different route home from work on December 19, 1983.

It makes things uncomfortable for me trying to explain how I had over 27 years of amnesia and my short-term memory is “iffy” some times.

My 27th birthday was comatose and on full-life support. 

My favorite saying is:  I have drain bamage.

Yes I planned to attend the 50th reunion, if possible.

Married & retired

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