Robert "bobby" Poppenhusen

April 19, 1956

65 and loving it. Moved to the country and bought a few acres with my 9wn fishing pond. Plenty of wildlife all around. I drive school busses to stay busy and I am president of our all volunteer fire dept. Yes, we take any and all donations.

Once this pandemic is over my wife and I will take a much needed trip

What high school friend that you have lost touch with would you like to catch up with & why?  

I would love to catch up with all my wife and I have done extensive family research and there is so much to tell them. From royalty to mine workers and beyond to viking kings and gun slingers, Patriots and backstabbed; we had them all.

My favorite saying:
To all young people about to he married: After the wedding is over and the pictyre poses are done, sit back. Take a breath and enjoy the cake. You’ll see all those people, soon enough again. ENJOY THE CAKE.

Yes, if at all possible.

Married & retired, but still working part-time

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